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This page is exclusively meant for SXSW's music showcase application process.

This link (and all content herein) should not be accessed or shared for any other purpose.

All content is currently unreleased, music videos not yet completed and two of the songs are still works-in-production but presentable enough to enjoy. Written lyrics are presented in the videos below to follow along with but they are not demonstrative visuals of the final future products. I have about 5 other songs in the works, the ones shared here are my "earliest" songs in my production line and the ones after I think are even better (ala 2pac and Katy Perry parodies coming)... they will be complete in time for SXSW.

A parody of Snoop Dogg's classic hit "What's My Name." This is a dogecoined version with Eline Vera (YouTube vocalist sensation behind Without Music parodies and Eline Vera covers) performing the vocals. This song has been mastered, but will still be receiving additional volume tweaks in certain parts.

A parody of Eminem's classic anthemic hit "Lose Yourself." This infotaining parody sheds insight on how to securely protect your crypto wallet assets; it serves as both a cybersecurity guide and a cautionary tale for what can go wrong. This edit is a work-in-progress that is lyrically complete but has not yet been mastered nor does it have the appropriate doubling vocal effects added yet.

*Note: Without prior blockchain knowledge or a music video present to preface things (in development currently), it's important to know that a "seedphrase" is a special password you need to recover your crypto wallet and that without it you will permanently lose access to your wallet such that not even the blockchain software developers can recover it for you. It's also important to know for the story that Charles Hoskinson is the founder of the Cardano blockchain.

A parody of Master P's classic street homage "Is there a Heaven 4 a Gangsta." From the fictionalized perspective of an OG blockchain hacker from back when Bitcoin first started, Rito recounts the early history of Bitcoin's nerdy and shady roots with strong disdain for how mainstream it's currently becoming (satirically). This edit is a work-in-progress with forthcoming vocal doubling effects on all verses as well as mastering.


*Warning: this song gets kind of technical, without a music video to put certain things visually into context (in development currently), it may not make sense to persons without a background in hacker culture or computer science... but the chorus should hit you just fine!

I have also had recent press coverage for an acapella rap video I made about the videogame Call of Duty: Warzone  (links below)

*Note: After the end of the rap, the rest of the video is videogame footage irrelevant to what you might be interested in viewing.

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