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Fact Sheet

Photos for Press Usage

The following galleries are intended for editorial purposes only. If you wish to have Rito Rhymes in a particular expression or pose not present here or in the extended gallery, please contact us and we will check our image archive or otherwise see what we can do.

Press Coverage

Brand Assets & Guidelines

There are two primary logos, the "Rito Rhymes" logotype and the shortened "r&R" logo mark. There are alternative versions of each that should be used based on the specific background color. Note the consistency of the logotype's "rotunda R" in "Rito" and the "sliced r" in "rhymes" that also appears in the "r&R" logomark.

Preferred Color Template


The prefered logo color template is the red font (#F61718) with a black background. As the brand is still young, the Rito Rhymes Logotype is the preferred logo to use to boost awareness of the name upon use, but they may technically be used interchangeably. The logomark may fit well in high-awareness audiences, in media where the name Rito Rhymes is otherwise clearly noted or in contexts where space is constrained.

White Background Template


Notice in contrast to the preferred color template, the white background template has the following details: (1) the tape on the nerdy sunglasses are tannish instead of white, (2) the frame of around the nerdy sunglasses are black instead of gold, and (3) the white star has a black outline around it. These adjusted details are to improve contrast with the lightness of the background.

Alternative Background Template


This Alt template of white font is intended for use with other colored backgrounds (neither black or white) where the other logo templates use of red (or the variations' other details) may not be aesthetically optimal.

How to Use and NOT to use

  • Do not use the white background template versions on black backgrounds or the preferred template on whie backgrounds.

  • Do not use the Alt logo versions on either a white background or black background (for certain exceptions on a black background, you must obtain explicit permission from us).

  • Never skew or warp the logo.

  • Be mindful of the space around the logo.

  • Do not crop out, separate or adjust the space between "Rito" or "Rhymes" or any of the letters

  • Do not alter the typefont in any way (filling in the outlined "R", filling in the line spacings within the letters, adjusting the spacing or size of the line spaces or adding more line spacings within the letters)

  • Do not Put anything in the sunglasses' lenses.

  • Do not change the sunglasses to another pair of optics (special permissions must be obtained for stylistic variations where appropriate) or remove them altogether.

  • Do not change the angle of tilt on the sunglasses

  • You may add a black shadow behind any of the logos icons to fit aesthetically with backgrounds that are NOT black or white (Otherwise only use the logos as is)

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