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Music as Meme

Rito Rhymes has taken Daft Punk's mega-hit One More Time and turned it into a meme parody and series of Meme Anthems.

These anthems are intended to be musical memes themselves, designed for anyone to take and utilize in their own meme videos and compilations. Rito has effectively Open-Sourced use of his music here (though please read the disclaimer) so anyone can obtain access and utilize it without need for his okay or to pay his publishers.

The songs are freely available to download on the site and can be accessed through the links below, there is also an NFT Meta-Collection available on multiple blockchains offering decentralized access to the songs in the form of virtually costless NFTs (meaning they're basically free too).

The songs have all been mixed and mastered by the talented Eric Bogacz of Spicehouse Sound and multi-platinum engineer Andrew Krivonos of Brewery Studio.

Doge Meme Anthem Coverart1.png

Doge Meme's are some of the internet's most classic, even spurring the famous Dogecoin meme blockchain. This is an homage to Doge Memes everywhere.

Pepe Meme Anthem


Coming Soon

In Bitcoin's multi-billion dollar NFT eco-system via Counterparty protocol, Rare Pepe memes are the most popular trove of meme value. Here is an anthem to Rare Pepe Memes.

Dank Meme Anthem


Coming Soon

Memes are memes, even better if they're dank, this is an homage to any and all memes considered dank by the beholders!

*Disclaimer: This unlicensed parody may be protected by Fair Use law, however, by using this song you agree to take full responsibility for any and all consequences of your use of this song by the original song's publishers or any other entities, and you agree to indemnify / hold harmless / exempt Rito Rhymes and all parties involved in the creation and distribution of the parody for any actions taken against you, legal or otherwise, for your use of the song. Use of this song in NO WAY allows you to use the "Rito Rhymes" name, identity or trademarks as endorsement for any works created using this song.

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