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Doge Meme Anthem   Dogecoin Edition NFT's
Powered via Dogeparty Protocol

I don't have a desktop to run the special Dogecoin NFT wallet / I'm not comfortable using the Dogeparty Protocol

No problem! You can get the same NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon and Solana (links embedded in the latter names)

See FAQ at the bottom to learn about how NFTs on Dogecoin work through the Dogeparty Protocol and how to get these NFTs here, or check out this link for a more comprehensive breakdown of how it works.

NFT Collection

Tip Token NFTs


Đ 69.00



Đ 420.00



Đ 1,200.69



Đ 4,269.00



Đ 6,942.00


Limited Edition Cover Art NFTs
(Only 10 minted per blockchain)

Doge Meme Anthem Coverart1.png

Đ 10,000


Song NFTs
A decentralized way to own and download it, virtually costlessly

Full Song

00:00 / 05:25

Đ  .01


Radio Edit

00:00 / 03:36

Đ  .01


2 Minute Mix

00:00 / 01:56

Đ  .01


*Disclaimer: This parody may be protected by Fair Use law, however, by using this song you agree to take full responsibility for any and all consequences of your use of this song by the original song's publishers or any other entities, and you agree to indemnify / hold harmless / exempt Rito Rhymes and all parties involved in the creation and distribution of the parody for any actions taken against you, legal or otherwise, for your use of the song. Use of this song in NO WAY allows you to use the "Rito Rhymes" name, identity or trademarks as endorsement for any works created using this song.

FAQ About Dogecoin NFTs


How do I get, hold and view these NFTs?

You need to download a special desktop-only wallet called DogeWallet (a mobile version is not yet available) that contains a regular Dogecoin address with special software that allows you to view and transfer the NFTs on Dogecoin via Dogeparty Protocol. ​ You can download this here ​ Each NFT has a Dogecoin address with a number next to it. The number indicates how much Doge the NFT costs, you simply send the specified amount of Doge to that address and then you will receive the NFT automatically in your Dogecoin address (though you need the special wallet to see it / decode it). ​ *NOTE: If you send Doge to these addresses without the special DogeWallet, you will still technically receive the NFT in your Dogecoin address but YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE OR ACCESS IT. YOU NEED THE SPECIAL WALLET.

NFT's on Dogecoin... IMPOSSIBLE... what is this "Dogeparty Protocol?"

If you've ever heard of the Counterparty Protocol on Bitcoin, that's a multi-billion dollar NFT eco-system since 2014, Dogeparty is a copy of that technology (because both blockchains are so similar in design) that enables NFTs to run on Dogecoin. It was launched in 2014 then later relaunched in 2021 after having been offline for years.

How does it work?

A descriptive analogy is that the protocol puts invisible ink (data for the NFT) on the Dogecoin blockchain that you need special glasses to see (a Dogecoin wallet or block explorer running the protocol).

Here's an example. I will show you an NFT transaction on Dogecoin viewed with and without the protocol so you can see the difference.


Here is the NFT of the Full Song asset as a transaction on Dogecoin as seen through a regular block explorer; notice the transaction hash is: 6d65c38752ae234b79e29730067b4757f68b3f8862a0c71e4e2464abc3d96f9e

Notice you don't see any asset/NFT but there's a whole bunch of information in the bottom "input-output scripts" section... it's basically encrypted/encoded information that this particular block explorer cannot read.

Here is the transaction on Dogecoin as seen through a special block explorer running the Dogeparty Protocol; notice the transaction hash is the same: 6d65c38752ae234b79e29730067b4757f68b3f8862a0c71e4e2464abc3d96f9e

Notice you can see the asset... it's basically decrypted/decoded.

The data is virtually the same in both except the information is interpreted differently.

Technically speaking, there is a meta data field in Dogecoin called OP-RETURN that the protocol encodes data inside to create the NFT, the protocol tracks this data on Dogecoin as it moves around, effectively tokenizing it.

Is Dogeparty a separate blockchain from Dogecoin like Polygon with Ethereum?

No. There is no such thing as the "Dogeparty blockchain," the NFTs data are stored inside Dogecoin's blockchain, they are NFTs on Dogecoin. The Dogeparty Protocol is the method used to put the NFT's data on Dogecoin as well as read the data.

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