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 Doge Meme Anthem Official Music Video

Doge Meme Anthem Coverart1.png

Coming soon to:


Want to help Rito Rhymes make more music?

Tip him to support by buying one of the Tip Token NFTs in the meta-collection below on any participating blockchain.

(The song is available for free; Music as Meme)

Use the anthem to create YOUR OWN Doge Meme vids & compilations!

This song is literally a meme designed for you to use freely to circulate in your own content... open-sourced!

(Please read disclaimer to understand liabilities and responsibilities involved for usage)

Music as Meme

The full song and shortened clips of it are available at the bottom of this page for free download (they are effectively Open-Sourced, see Rito terms of use).


You can also obtain the song and clips in a decentralized way via NFT on multiple blockchains containing the downloadable link that is also *basically* free... virtually costless minus any gas fees. See the NFT Meta-Collection below!

Doge Meme Anthem

Cross-chain NFT Meta-Collection

There are NFTs on 4 different blockchains, a multi-chain collection of collections

Song Link NFT - Tokens providing decentralized ownership of a downloadable link to the song or audio clips. They are basically free as virtually costless NFTs minus gas fees.

Tip Token NFT - A badge of support and patronage to the producer of the song Rito Rhymes, he is an independent artist so buying these NFTs effectively help him fund his music career so he can release more songs (this one is free after all so your support is vital!). You will also get access to special content in the future.

Limited Edition Cover Art NFT - Own cover art of the anthem, there will only be 10 minted on each participating blockchain.

Limited Edition Rito Dancing NFT - Seen the music video? Own Rito's dance moves. NFTs coming soon :)

Click here to see a table overview of each NFT type, cost and quantity in the meta-collection

Click the logo of any participating blockchain to access that chain's collection of NFTs

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