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Who is Rito Rhymes?

Rito Rhymes is an infotaining rapper by day… armed with punchlines, parody, spoken word wits that relay… infotaining entermation his unconventional way. Earning multiple degrees… with a student loan disease; by night he’s a technologist designer…excavating big pictures like a visionary miner. He’s as awkward and misfit as a pirate saying “yes sir”… connecting with him is like parking a car inside a dresser. His lust to learn outsizes even double D’s… his gift of sharing outweighs his polite obscenities. Tragically flawed but with an embering flame that stays on… Rito Rhymes is an unconventional liaison… reading between the lines with a pair of nerdy shades on.

At a young age, his weirdness was a thing to be reckoned… he went on to master failing interactions before the 2nd second. His creativity was as useful as a pool full of drool… because leaders need vibes like crowns need jewels… but he discovered when he rhymed, people found something cool… beneath his awkward vibe was like Da Vinci as a fool. So he became Rito Rhymes… because music needs him like scurvy needs limes… tech needs his brain like police need crimes… culture needs weirdness like shapes need lines… he might have half a brain but only half him minds.



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