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First Ever Rhyme NFT

Rhymes' Lyrics: Lemme preface this with a little bit of an acapella... because I am Rito Rhymes, sort of an awkward fella

Rhyme's background

On April 23rd 2022 at the first Dogecoin-themed charity crypto music festival Dogepalooza, headlined by Dionne Warwick, Rito Rhymes performed an acapella rap on stage that explained the Dogecoin Foundation's trail map for Dogecoin. Due to technical difficulties with the DJ, the musical song he was supposed to perform was unavailable so he had to impromptu pivot to perform his acapella... The first ever rhyme NFT is actually a freestyled rhyme he had used to transition into the acapella he had prepared. He called himself "an awkward fella" not only because it's on brand for his nerdy topical persona but also to own how rather awkward it was that in the middle of being on stage he was told by the DJ "Sorry man, we don't have your song." Rito Rhymes is an awkward fella and makes the most of awkward situations.

The full collection of rhymes this rhyme belongs to is found here
(note, I completed the first ever FULL collection of NFT'd rhymes on Ethereum before I completed this one which you can see here)

Details About the NFT

This rhyme NFT was minted on Dogecoin (via Dogeparty protocol) with the initial issuance on "x" and several meta data upgrades

The initial issuance's transaction hash on Dogecoin is:

This is the transaction on Dogecoin via a regular Dogecoin block explorer WITHOUT decoding the NFT (you can't "see" the NFT unless it is decoded which you can see in the link after this, but 

This is the transaction on Dogecoin via a special Dogecoin block explorer that decodes the NFT (Note: the transaction hash here is identical to the one above on the regular Dogecoin block explorer, thus this is the same transaction on the same blockchain known as Dogecoin; I say this because many people are confused as to whether the Dogeparty protocol I used to mint this has its own separate blockchain but it does NOT, it's on Dogecoin).

Regarding Issuance Updates

You'll note the asset's meta data containing the content (the footage of the rhyme itself) was updated several times. After the initial issuance and learning how to mint NFTs on Dogecoin, I attempted to create a json file that would contain the video as well as other content like text description and images that would be inserted into the new issuance to make it look cooler and better branded. However, there was a bug in the minting process whereby a typo kept appearing that would render the json file unreadable. I attempted to try again multiple times but could not overcome the bug so I opted to return to utilizing a URL to reference the image. You'll see the majority of other rhyme NFTs within that collection all have smooth running json files with text and image descriptions, the first NFT however, seems to be the exception.

The video content of the rhyme that the NFT references has remained the same throughout each issuance.

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