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Rito is an eclectic multimedia artist, NFT creator, entrepreneur and software business analyst with a Master’s in Science from DePaul and whose portfolio of creative works have gone viral on reddit, been featured on various media outlets such as ScreenRant, ABC’s NY flagship radio station, TheAustralian and more.

Rito Rhymes’ eclectic offerings include:

-Live musical performances (can be combined with engaging & insightful presentation elements as below)

-Insightful and engaging speaking presentations on complex technical topics (can be combined with musical elements as above)

-Creating original, remixed or parody music with an infotaining slant for your media campaign, conference, project or advertisement

-Guest content creation with influencers & campaigns

-Guest interviews from a range of topics (Web3, AI, metaverses, cybernetics, mental health, pharmaceuticals, mostly anything except politics)

-Artistic collaborations with NFT projects (Beyond being a renowned lyricist, I am an astute video editor, stylistic animator and graphic designer)

-Consultation with UX, game design & software development problems and opportunities (perhaps the only rapper you’d ever think to consult with about such matters)

Who is Rito Rhymes?

Rito Rhymes is an infotaining rapper by day… armed with punchlines, parody, spoken word wits that relay… infotaining entermation his unconventional way. Earning multiple degrees… with a student loan disease; by night he’s a technologist designer…excavating big pictures like a visionary miner. He’s as awkward and misfit as a pirate saying “yes sir”… connecting with him is like parking a car inside a dresser. His lust to learn outsizes even double D’s… his gift of sharing outweighs his polite obscenities. Tragically flawed but with an embering flame that stays on… Rito Rhymes is an unconventional liaison… reading between the lines with a pair of nerdy shades on.



At a young age, his weirdness was a thing to be reckoned… he went on to master failing interactions before the 2nd second. His creativity was as useful as a pool full of drool… because leaders need vibes like crowns need jewels… but he discovered when he rhymed, people found something cool… beneath his awkward vibe was like Da Vinci as a fool.


So he became Rito Rhymes… because music needs him like scurvy needs limes… tech needs his brain like police need crimes… culture needs weirdness like shapes need lines… he might have half a brain but only half him minds.


So why does Rito rhyme?

He will... for truth, values and the love of free will.

His belief in free will is that no matter your preparedness… you can't make a choice without knowledge or awareness.

It's such a hard road becoming who you're proud to be… but learning is key to mastering reality… and rhyming seems to be the means of least brutality.

So Rito uses his medium like a stand-up comedian… to broach distasteful topics and still have people eating em.

Serving vision to the world by channeling his talents… exploring perspectives with his own mixed together in the chalice... and hopefully the world will move closer into balance.




The Blockchain Campaign

Cryptocurrency and blockchain tech are exciting and new...

but what the heck do they do?

Stay tuned for some exciting details of what's ahead

Mental Health is Wealth

Even before the COVID pandemic... mental health's been an issue completely systemic... finding the right balance's a journey no short of epic.

Details coming SOON

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Wait so what does Rito Rhymes do?

In addition to rapping performance artist, Rito Rhymes is a software business analyst and tech designer with a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University. As a software business analyst he utilizes strong critical thinking skills to digest and break down complex technical topics to ideate new solutions as well as communicate the information to different audiences (whether technical, business-oriented, casual or otherwise). As a tech designer with a background in User Experience, he effectively devises ways of implementing software interfaces that users can actually use efficiently. As an infotaining rapper he takes whatever (boring) topic and composes clever rhymes and storytelling arches to convey things in a fun, engaging and often mind-blowing way.

He's a rapper… is he really qualified to be giving technical advice about anything, let alone business consulting?

Well first off he has an advanced degree in a field of science... he earned his Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University as well as a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Cognitive Science from Rutgers University. The guy’s an academically successful nerd! He has also garnered a reputation in the blockchain / cryptocurrency ecosystem for his ability to liaison with developers to learn about complicated topics and relay them efficiently to casual audiences as he has demonstrated via live radio interviews on New York flagship station WABC77, feature articles as well as articles he’s written and published on Hackernoon (See "Press" page for examples)

Can I hire him? What projects is he available for?

Sure! Hire him to perform music including creating original songs. Hire him as a public speaker (he will be rapping somewhere in his presentation). Hire him as a consultant to assess your software business and come up with new solutions or improve the workflow by getting stakeholders on the same page. Hire him to assess the UX and UI of your software and come up with solutions to improve it.

Is he a software programmer?

He is not a programmer though he has some experience coding. He works WITH programmers to coordinate solutions for software systems.

Want to drop a line?

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